What Headphones Does Porter Robinson Use?

Porter Robinson born 1992 in North Carolina USA is a DJ and producer who makes electronic dance music. He first hit the mainstream shortly after 2010 with his hit “language” which got airplay from mainstream media in the UK helping the song chart inside the top 10 as well as that he has had three number 1’s on the overall beatport chart. There isn’t many accurate sources out there on the web stating Porter’s net worth but we think it’s safe to assume he is able to afford the very best tech to continue making hits. If you’re struggling to decide on a pair of headphones to buy then you can always just get the same pair as Porter knowing that a pro like him uses the headphones is a pretty sure fire way to minimize your risks of getting a bad pair.

What Headphones Does Porter Robinson Use?

Porter Robinson has used numerous different headphones during his time producing and DJ’ing but mostly stays loyal to the Pioneer DJ brand for his live sets. The Japanese company have been in the DJing industry for over 20 years first entering in 1994.

Porter DJing with the Pioneer HDJ 2000’s


These are the pioneer headphones Porter Uses


  1. Sound Isolation
  2. Hard design withstands knocks and bangs
  3. Reduced external noise in mid’s and highs
  4. Can bend in difficult angles


Our Review Of The Pioneer HDJ 2000’s

These headphones are definitely up there in the top 10 for DJing headphones and that’s not surprise. With the Pioneer HDJ 200’s you get incredible comfort as well as most importantly superb audio. The stand out feature seems to be the mids and highs that are super harp but with the bass these headphones probably are not the best in our honest opinion. Strangely these Headphones are probably one of the best options for people on the road or backpacking due to the robust design and durable metals materials. Don’t be fooled though these still give you a snug soft fit with decent sound isolation but they are not the go to pair for super comfortable headphones. It looks like to get the amazing sound quality and robustness the Pioneer headphones had the sacrifice on the comfort a tiny little bit.

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