What Headphones Does JackSepticEye Use? 2019 Edition!

Top Of The Morning To Ya!!!! JackSepticEye is a let’s play YouTuber with over 16 million extremely loyal YouTuber subscribers. He is from a small Irish town called Athlone with a population of about 20,000 but he has managed to reach world wide attention earning over 7 billion combined YouTube views since registering his channel back in 2007. How many of those video views are from you?

It is speculated that JackSepticEye real name Seán William McLoughlin is now a multi millionaire so you can imagine any tech he owns is going to be the best. If you’re struggling to find a pair of good headphones then getting the same pair as Jack is a really smart thing to do and gives you a free guarantee.

JackSepticEye’s CURRENT Headphones


In the above exposed screenshot from one of Jack’s newer videos we can see he is wearing a pair of new Philips Headphones.


Before he actually used to use the older pair made in 2013 but he is now happily wearing the updated brand new X2 Model which is what I will show you below.

Customer review on the Philips x2 headphones

WARNING: You need to be super quick if you want to get the same headphones as Jack on your ears as these popular headphones get discontinued all the time!

Do you want the same Headphones?Philips-Fidelio-x2-headphones-thumbnail


  • Over-Ear Audio
  • 16 bit/44.1 kHz CD format
  • HD Vented Neodymium Speaker Drivers
  • Aluminium earshells
  • Compatible with all Major Smart Phones
  • Smooth Extended High Frequencies
  • Deluxe Memory Foam Cushioning
  • Flat Folding
  • Pefect For Gamers


Our Review of the Fidelio X2 Headphones

Jack’s Fidelio Headphones are quite old but are seriously some of the best headphones ever made and for their low price tag they are a complete bargain. The Fidelio headphones look great and whats even better is that they still feel great due to the soft cushioning that rests on your ears. The headphones are great for all types of music but if you are bass head you may want to adjust the bass settings on these headphones as by default they are designed for a more mid range sound. They are flat folding and the outside shelling is made out of an Aluminum material which means as well as comfort and design they are also an extremely durable pair of headphones meaning you can expect them to be a safe long lasting investment for your headphonage needs clearly shown by JackSepticEye who has used these for so long.

JackSepticEye’s OLD Headphones

Jack Wearing Beyerdynamic Headphones

In the above GIF from one of Jack’s newer videos we can see he is wearing a pair of headphones from German manufacturer Beyerdynamic who have been around for about 90 years. We can see he is wearing the DT-990-Pro-250 model which we will talk about below.

Do you want the same Headphones?



  • Velour Cushion Pads for High Comfort
  • Open Diffuse Studio Headphones
  • Instrument Seperation
  • Bass Imaging
  • 5 – 35.000 Hz
  • 250 OHM Drivers
  • Perfect For Gamers
  • Long lasting

Our Review of the Beyerdynamic Headphones

JackSepticEye’s Beyerdynamic headphones are one of the best looking headphones out there but luckily as well as looks they still retain their high comfort with the padded high quality velour cushions and the headband that makes sure these headphones fit all different sizes of head big or small. As well as the comfort this German company have created a really impressive pair of headphones excelling on the most important thing which is sound. They provide an open air sound with controlled bass imaging that is not over powering. The details in the highs and mids is rather impressive which gives it the instrument separation feature. For the price tag these headphones are definitely not over priced and it’s no coincidence so some many big and upcoming YouTubers choose to use these.






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