What Headphones Does DJ Khaled Wear? DRE BEATS SCAM?

DJ Khaled’s 2017 Headphones


Brief Bio on DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled has tried to follow the success of other “moguls” like Dr Dre who famously created the “Beats By Dre” which were recieved positively by the mass market but criticized by a smaller number of Audiophiles, the kinds of people who can tell you anything you want to know about a genuinely good pair of headphones.

Khaled Mohamed Khaled born 1975 is known worldwide to millions as the one and only DJ Khaled. He is a producer, radio host, movie star, real life meme and of course a DJ. He has collaborated with just about everyone from Kanye West and John Legend to Nicki Minaj who he apparently once proposed too with a $500,000 10k Karat Diamon ring. He used to go under the name Arab Attack but changed this after events in New York 2001 out of respect. Khaled was apparently evicted and broke back in 2013 but after his whole rise in public attention in 2017 he is said to now be worth close to 10 million dollars. With all the money Khaled really can afford to buy a great pair of headphones or with his fame link up with a company to make a create custom pair which is exactly what he has tried to do.

Has Khaled followed the same path with these headphones going after the looks rather than technicalities? Did he just put his name on a cheap pair headphones?


Our Review of Khaled’s BeoPlay H6 Headphones

Who made them?

The BeoPlay H6 headpones come from hugely respected Danish company Bang & Olufsen who were founded, believe it or not way back in 1912! They are an electronic company who create everything from television sets to telephones but they really are leaders when it comes to their audio products.

1st Generation vs 2nd Generation?

They first released the first generation BeoPlay H6 headphones prior to 2014 which received positive reviews all across the board even from some audiophiles. They then re-released the DJ Khaled H6 second generation headphones some time in mid 2014 before Khaled had actually even caught on to world wide fame which for Bang & Olufsen was a very lucky deal. Believe it or not the 2nd generation actually was a lot better and not just the exact same pair with “We The Best” embroiled into the lamb skin leather head strap.

Delivery and warranty?

If you order these on Amazon there is sometimes the option for next day delivery depending on your location and many other factors and also with Amazon you can add 4 or 5 year protection insurance that will protect you incase something bad happens to your headphones which is a smart thing to do considering how much they cost.

Sound Technicalities 

The main thing you will notice with the 2nd generation is that it comes with improved bass sound which is noticeable straight away when comparing the two. Some people would go as far as to say that the Khaled headphones are the best headphones they have ever owned and the pair is definitely up there in the top 10 for sure for this price range. They are over ear noise canceling headphones and do an impressive job at the noise cancelling part. Impressively it is actually possible that these headphones can be used by producers and engineers who are maybe on more of a budget. Don’t be put off though by that if you want them for simple things like watching movies and getting the best music listening experience.

Design and other info

Khaled’s h6 headphones come with lamb skin leather on the headband perhaps in respect to his muslim religion. The strap has a classic “We the best embroiled into the skin. Truthfully for some people they are quite an expensive pair of headphones but when you want a pair of headphones of this high calibre then you can be sure that they are all going to be in a similar price range. At least with the Beoplay you really do get a genuinely good pair of headphones that sound as good as they look controversially unlike Khaled’s mogul friend Dre with his beats headphones.


Really good pair of headphones, Better than 1st generation, Don’t be put off by DJ Khaled/Dre Beats marketing hype.

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