What Headphones Does CaptainSparklez Use? 2023 Edition

Jordan Maron is an American YouTuber more commonly known under his pseudonym CaptainSparklez to his hundreds of millions of viewers on the video sharing site. He has around 10 million subscribers and posts let’s play content regularly that his viewers seem to love. During his 7 years on YouTuber he has accumulated close to 3 billion combined video views and with that amount comes great wealth from ad revenue, it is safe to assume that Jordan has the ability to try out pretty much any pair of headphones he wants. Currently his preferred choice of Headphonage is the Triton Xbox and PS4 headphones.

What Headphones/Headset Does CaptainSparklez Use?


CaptainSparklez Using the Triton Headset

He Uses The Triton Headset

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  • Super low price
  • Mute option on mic for privacy
  • Small but comfortable ear pads
  • Adjustable headset
  • Flexible microphone
  • Built for the PS4

Our Review Of The Triton Headset

These headphones from Dutch company Tritonaudio.com offer an extremely robust hi-tech gaming headset all for an incredibly low price. The headset’s stand out feature is the flexible high quality microphone that allows the highest audio pickup for online multiplayer modes for the PS4 and Xbox 360. If you’re looking for something purely for music then we would recommend to choose something else but if you’re looking for a long lasting cheap gaming headset that will give you pretty good bass playback or one with a great microphone to get the best sound out of your voice then you should get this microphone.

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