What Headphones Does Armin Van Buuren Have?

Armin Van Buuren is a dutch DJ, Producer and former Radio Show host, before all that he was studying to become a lawyer but obviously didn’t end up going down that path. Back in 2001 Armin started hosting a weekly radio show called A State Of Trance that reached close to 40 million people weekly with listeners from across the globe. It was this show that helped get Armin’s name out in the public and subsequently to go down the path of music stardom instead of law which he put on hold. He did however return to finish his law degree 2 years later. Armin is said to be worth around 40 million US dollars, raking in that kind of money means he has plenty to spend on the best tech for his job and passion. Getting the same pair of headphones as Armin Van Buuren wouldn’t be a stupid thing to do.

What Headphones Does Armin Van Buuren Use?

In Armin’s biggest sets he has used the Technics RP-DH1200 Headphones which have helped produce epic shows. There many reasons we think he might have for choosing these headphones and we will go over some of them.

Admin Wearing The Technics RP DH1200’s


  1. Detachable cord
  2. Re-enforced joints
  3. Extra padded neck band
  4. Extremely high quality Mids and Highs
  5. Perfect for DJ’s


Our Review of the Technics RP-DH1200 Headphones

Taking a look at the reviews on Amazon you will see that many are written by actual real life DJ’s probably thinking the exact same thing has Armin. These amazing headphones probably are not the sexiest looking pair but excel in comfort, sound and durability, something which cannot be said for every other headphone out there (cough.. DRE.. cough.. BEATS..). One great feature you will notice straight away is a simple Lock unlocking feature on the cable which means that if you’re in the club for example and someone trips over your headphone cable and it snaps then you can just detach it and buy a new one while leaving the actual headset intact. As well as that they even go above and beyond to give it reenforced joints which make it good for withstanding knocks and bangs. Finally the sound is something completely special and unique. With these headphones in a noisy environment you can till hear each individual instrument loud, crisp and clear. If you’re just a casual music fan then there is also no reason to buy these but if you’re a DJ then these are for sure a must buy.

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