How to Measure a Speaker Size for Replacement

how to measure a speaker size

Are you upgrading your car’s stereo system? First, it’s important to have precise information about the installed speaker size and models. If you are going to replace the existing speaker set, you will also need to have the right replacements for your car. Therefore, before doing your car speaker replacements, let’s learn how to measure … Read more

How to Clean Phone Speaker Holes (Top 3 Methods)

how to clean phone speaker

The convenience of putting your phone in your pocket comes with a trade-off of exposing its apertures to dust, debris and lint. Allowing the issue to fester will lead to distorted or faint sounds from your earpiece and bottom-firing speakers. Learn how to clean phone speaker holes from the outside without damaging your device or … Read more

Best Budget Stereo Amplifier for Balanced Sound

Best Budget Stereo Amplifier

Whether you are looking to improve your hi-fi stereo system, build one from scratch or increase your existing high fidelity, the best budget stereo amplifier is what you will need to achieve the best audio experience. While the most popular amplifiers are expensive, you can also get a cheap stereo amplifier with an excellent, reliable … Read more

5 Best Soundbar Under $100 For Great Sound

Nowadays, finding a good soundbar for a low price is very much possible, but it is not always easy. This is because, if you’re are not careful, you could end up with something that won’t work for you. For this reason, getting the best soundbar under $100 is crucial if you don’t want to waste … Read more

Best Soundbar Without Subwoofer for Your Home

best soundbar without subwoofer

If you have a nice TV, you should match it with the best soundbar without a subwoofer. An inexpensive soundbar surpasses the integrated speakers on most TVs, thanks to numerous drivers covering a larger area in front of the screen. As TVs become smaller, their speakers diminish, becoming quieter and less dynamic. Even the best TVs … Read more

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $200 for Rich Audio

best bluetooth speaker under 200

Nowadays, the convenience and the need for audio on the move have contributed to the increased demand for Bluetooth speakers. While at it, different brands have introduced different designs at different prices for the sole purpose of meeting the consumers’ audio needs. However, not all Bluetooth speakers are the same. Therefore, to obtain quality sound … Read more

Best In-Wall Speakers to Upgrade your Entertainment Room

Best In-Wall Speakers

Whether you want to have an exceptional everyday music experience or create the ultimate home theater, the best in-wall speakers are the way to go. You can create a pro-level and immersive surround sound environment or provide music throughout your home using multiple in-wall speakers. These speakers also don’t take up unnecessary space in your … Read more