What Headphones Does Martin Garrix Use? Exposed Inside

Martijn Gerard Garritsen more commonly known as Martin Garrix to his millions of fans is a young DJ and Producer born 1996 in Amstelveen Netherlands. He downloaded and started producing with FL Studio back in 2013 after being inspired by a song from Tiesto. He was then actually discovered and signed by Tiesto. He hit the mainstream shortly after with his worldwide hit “Animals” while at production school which topped charts around the world and sent Martijn to worldwide stardom. He is said to now be worth around $14,000,000 dollars. He spends most of his time DJing at festivals and clubs across the world so with so much cash lying around it’s obvious that he is going to have the worlds best headphones for his Job and if you are struggling to decide on what new headphones to buy then choosing a pair Martijn owns is a very smart thing to do.