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What Headphones Does DJ Khaled Wear? DRE BEATS SCAM?

DJ Khaled’s 2017 Headphones


Brief Bio on DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled has tried to follow the success of other “moguls” like Dr Dre who famously created the “Beats By Dre” which were recieved positively by the mass market but criticized by a smaller number of Audiophiles, the kinds of people who can tell you anything you want to know about a genuinely good pair of headphones.

Khaled Mohamed Khaled born 1975 is known worldwide to millions as the one and only DJ Khaled. He is a producer, radio host, movie star, real life meme and of course a DJ. He has collaborated with just about everyone from Kanye West and John Legend to Nicki Minaj who he apparently once proposed too with a $500,000 10k Karat Diamon ring. He used to go under the name Arab Attack but changed this after events in New York 2001 out of respect. Khaled was apparently evicted and broke back in 2013 but after his whole rise in public attention in 2017 he is said to now be worth close to 10 million dollars. With all the money Khaled really can afford to buy a great pair of headphones or with his fame link up with a company to make a create custom pair which is exactly what he has tried to do.

What Headphones Does Armin Van Buuren Have?

Armin Van Buuren is a dutch DJ, Producer and former Radio Show host, before all that he was studying to become a lawyer but obviously didn’t end up going down that path. Back in 2001 Armin started hosting a weekly radio show called A State Of Trance that reached close to 40 million people weekly with listeners from across the globe. It was this show that helped get Armin’s name out in the public and subsequently to go down the path of music stardom instead of law which he put on hold. He did however return to finish his law degree 2 years later. Armin is said to be worth around 40 million US dollars, raking in that kind of money means he has plenty to spend on the best tech for his job and passion. Getting the same pair of headphones as Armin Van Buuren wouldn’t be a stupid thing to do.


What Headphones Does Porter Robinson Use?

Porter Robinson born 1992 in North Carolina USA is a DJ and producer who makes electronic dance music. He first hit the mainstream shortly after 2010 with his hit “language” which got airplay from mainstream media in the UK helping the song chart inside the top 10 as well as that he has had three number 1’s on the overall beatport chart. There isn’t many accurate sources out there on the web stating Porter’s net worth but we think it’s safe to assume he is able to afford the very best tech to continue making hits. If you’re struggling to decide on a pair of headphones to buy then you can always just get the same pair as Porter knowing that a pro like him uses the headphones is a pretty sure fire way to minimize your risks of getting a bad pair.


What Headphones Does Martin Garrix Use? Exposed Inside

Martijn Gerard Garritsen more commonly known as Martin Garrix to his millions of fans is a young DJ and Producer born 1996 in Amstelveen Netherlands. He downloaded and started producing with FL Studio back in 2013 after being inspired by a song from Tiesto. He was then actually discovered and signed by Tiesto. He hit the mainstream shortly after with his worldwide hit “Animals” while at production school which topped charts around the world and sent Martijn to worldwide stardom. He is said to now be worth around $14,000,000 dollars. He spends most of his time DJing at festivals and clubs across the world so with so much cash lying around it’s obvious that he is going to have the worlds best headphones for his Job and if you are struggling to decide on what new headphones to buy then choosing a pair Martijn owns is a very smart thing to do.