Best Powered Subwoofer to Boost Home Theater Systems

After buying a home theater sound system, you might have noticed that the sound isn't as satisfying as you had envisioned. Since buying another unit won't necessarily fix the problem, a better solution is getting the best-powered subwoofer.

This post discusses the best options available on the market and how to choose an ideal unit.


1. Polk Audio Powered Subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer - Power Port Technology, Up to...
  • POWERED SUBWOOFER FOR EXTRA BASS & PUNCH – A 10-inch Dynamic Balance woofer & a uniquely...
  • LOUDER CLEARER SOUND EVEN AT HIGH VOLUME – Enjoy a thrilling yet balanced music...
  • DOUBLE THE AMPLIFIER POWER TO 100 Watts of Dynamic Power with its in-built 50-watt RMS...
  • EASY TO INTEGRATE WITH EXISTING SYSTEMS – Hook up this sub to the receiver and upgrade...
  • A sleek detachable grille on the front, speaker and line-level inputs as well as...

Starting our list of the best-powered subwoofers is the Polk Audio system, a single, ten-inch subwoofer with PSW enclosures meant to deliver low-frequency sounds with no distortion. It also offers perfect volume control and contains internal damping for eliminating any waves that lower sound quality.

It uses a unique configuration through a directed port specially tuned to ensure you get the powerful bass you want in your music and movies. This 100-watt subwoofer is designed to deliver a stable performance even at extreme volume levels while using power efficiently.

This deep bass subwoofer comes with a Klippel distortion analyzer designed to enhance the motor structure, suspension, and voice coil alignment to ensure a great listening experience at high volume. This unit can work well with any speaker and only requires you to hook it up to the receiver to experience the sound upgrade.

Thanks to the sleek build, this sub speaker is great for a living room with limited space, which means you won't have to reorganize your home to accommodate it.


  • Compact build.
  • Durable.
  • Great sound output.
  • Deep bass.
  • Easy to integrate.


  • Heavy build.

2. Sonos Sub (Gen 3) Wireless Subwoofer for Deep Bass

Sonos Sub (Gen 3) - The Wireless Subwoofer for Deep Bass - White
  • All-new Sonos Sub - Hear and feel the difference with Sub, the wireless subwoofer for deep...
  • No buzz, just bass - Two force-canceling drivers at the center of Sub eliminate vibration...
  • Made to be seen and heard - The award-winning and versatile design features a slim,...
  • Lower lows and higher highs - Sub takes over the lowest frequencies, enhancing the...
  • More immersive entertainment - Connect Sub to Arc or Beam, and enjoy TV, movies, and video...

Next in line is the Sonos wireless subwoofer designed to work with your sound system to deliver deep bass without buzzing. With two drivers at the Sub center equipped with force-canceling capabilities, you can say goodbye to the distortion, vibration, and rattle that lowers the thrill when listening to music and watching movies.

This unit carries a slim sculptural design that makes it a versatile unit for small spaces. The high-gloss finish enhances the appearance of this front-firing subwoofer to add a hint of elegance to your living room. You can lay this Sub upright or lay it on the side to maximize the amount of room you have.

The optimal frequency response of the Sonos Sub wireless subwoofer will deliver lower lows and higher highs to give you a fuller, more immersive sound experience. This sub is great for your home theater and can improve your time watching TV, movies, and playing video games.

Plus, the wireless capabilities make this Sono unit a great option since it eliminates the need to use various cables which can get tangled or trip you as you walk by.


  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Sleek build.
  • High sound quality.
  • Alexa integration.
  • Strong bass output.


  • Heavy to lift around.
  • Only one network port.

3. BIC America F12 12-Inch Front Firing Powered Subwoofer

BIC America F12 12-Inch 475-Watt Front Firing Powered Subwoofer
  • Powered subwoofer with 12-inch injection molded long throw woofer; BASH designed amp
  • Patented BIC "Venturi" vent eliminates port noise
  • Adjustable crossover, adjustable volume control, automatic signal sensing
  • Inputs for both Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital/DTS
  • Backed by 5-year warranty

The third best-powered subwoofer is the BIC America, whose bass output will fill your entire room and immerse you in pure sound. While this unit packs a lot of power, it also provides an ideal amount of clarity. That is to say, you won't hear unbearable distortion even after you crank up the volume.

However, if you have pictures or decor hanging on your walls, you'll want to remove them before you blast the room with maximum sound output since the vibration shakes things out of place. It has a compact design that makes it suitable for a living room without unlimited space.

You won't hear any port noise courtesy of the BIC Venturi Vent, which allows you to play demanding music and videos without compromising the sound quality. Plus, with automatic signal sensing and adjustable volume control, you can rest assured that this unit will meet your listening needs conveniently.


  • Suitable for small spaces.
  • High-quality output.
  • No port noise.
  • Ideal frequency range.
  • Durable build.


  • Can overheat on high output.

4. Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer

Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer, Black
  • 12" high excursion spun-copper Imp woofer
  • 29 hertz – 120 hertz +/- 3 dB
  • 400 watt
  • Max acoustic output 116dB
  • Bass-reflex via rear firing port. Amplifier power (control/peak): 200 watts/400 watts

Another option among the best subwoofers on the market is the Klipsch R-120SW subwoofer featuring light woofer cones rigid enough to deliver a low-frequency response. As such, you can use it with your surround sound or home audio system to enjoy minimal breakup and distortion while listening to a deep and clean bass sound.

With an integrated all-digital amplifier, this unit can provide enough power and efficiency to reproduce sound in a clean and robust format. This means that it won't only deliver the highest output but also the most detail and purity to ensure you feel immersed in sound when listening to music or watching a movie.

This subwoofer also offers low pass crossover, gain, and phase controls, allowing you to customize your bass output and blend it with the sound of the other speakers to achieve the low frequencies suitable for extra bass. You don't have to worry about the compatibility of this unit since it comes with line-level inputs that work well with standard home theater receivers.


  • Great bass.
  • Space-conscious design.
  • Minimal distortion.
  • Explosive sound output.


  • Relatively pricey.

5. Monoprice Subwoofer

Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer - 8 Inch With Auto-On Function,...
  • This is an 8" powered subwoofer capable of producing 60 watts (RMS) output. The subwoofer...
  • The subwoofer has multiple input options, which allow it to be used with any existing...
  • High-level inputs accept a full-range signal from the amplifier's stereo speaker outputs....
  • Additionally, the subwoofer has a set of right/left Line Level inputs. If using a standard...
  • The subwoofer is housed in an attractive black wood cabinet that measures 13.75" x 11.75"...

Finally, we have the Monoprice subwoofer, which is specially designed for studio and home theater use. It can deliver a 60-watt RMS output and has a wide frequency response range which works with a lowpass crossover filter that you can adjust. The control panel allows you to tailor your listening experience to achieve the perfect blend of bass, midrange, and high sounds to enjoy your music the way you like it.

Since this 8 inch-woofer has several input options, which means that you can use it with your existing stereo amplifier system, the inputs are ideal for using your standard stereo system without diverting power or affecting impedance which means that it'll deliver the right amount of bass and sound you want in your audio.


  • Adjustable volume.
  • Powerful subwoofer.
  • Great for small spaces.
  • Ideal audio quality.
  • Compatible with sound systems.


  • High price.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Powered Subwoofers

1. Active or Passive Subwoofers

A powered or active subwoofer is one designed to be self-contained, with line-level inputs and outputs. This unit will also have an amplifier and volume control panel.

On the other hand, a passive subwoofer requires an external amplifier in the same way that a loudspeaker does. These subwoofers reduce low-frequency sounds using the power, which means that the receiver needs to be strong enough to handle the bass output. If not, the subwoofer will drain the power from your amplifier.

2. Sealed vs. Ported Subwoofers

The best-powered subwoofer will either have a sealed or ported enclosure. The sealed types, also called acoustic suspension, don't allow air to move through them. As a result, they can deliver a quick and responsive bass that sounds tight.

The ported boxes, also known as bass reflex enclosures, feature an integrated air vent for reinforcing the low bass output. So, if you are looking for an option that uses minimal power while providing maximum output, these are the units for you. Unfortunately, these subwoofers are much larger than the sealed box types.

3. Wired or Wireless Subwoofers

Subwoofers can come wired or wireless. The exact choice will depend on your preferences since either can work well. Nevertheless, if you want a fine-tune output without compromising the output quality, you should go with wired subwoofers.

The primary advantage wireless units provide is unrestricted movement and freedom from tangling cables. Unfortunately, these subwoofers will have a range within which they can work optimally, but the sound won't be as clear if you exceed this limit. This is because wireless connections are less stable than wired ones in delivering sound.

4. Down Firing vs. Front Firing

The next thing to consider is the direction in which the sound will go. Down firing subwoofers are the ones that direct sound towards the floor. This makes them a great choice if you plan to place them a distance from the main speakers or in the corners of your room.

On the other hand, front-firing subwoofers direct sound either in front or on the sides, which makes them great for sitting under your TV. The only difference between the down-firing and front-firing units is their placement inside your room.

5. Size

The size of the models is also crucial to consider since you don't want to rearrange your entire room to accommodate your new subwoofer. The ideal unit features a compact and sleek design that allows you to set it up almost anywhere in your space without taking up too much space.

If you have unlimited space, you can take a large or bulky unit since you don't need to reserve any room. Nevertheless, going for small models will help you conserve space while meeting your listening needs appropriately. As such, you should take note of the number of inches comprising the build of the subwoofer to ensure it can fit in your home.

6. Price Range

The price of the unit you select is another crucial factor. The most expensive models aren't always the most suitable option since there are some low-priced subwoofers that can meet your requirements without draining your pockets. However, high-end units will come with features that can add convenience to users in contrast to the simple use of the low-priced subs.

The priciest options won't always give the best sound output. So, you'll want to look for the one that comes at a convenient price range.

7. Power

When looking at power, you'll also need to consider the driver size. Most people assume that the amount of power of the subwoofer directly translates to how loud it gets. However, this isn't true since the volume controls determine the loudness of the sound you hear.

The more powerful the model, the less vibration and distortion it will deliver as you use it to listen to music. If your budget allows you to take models that use more than 400 watts, there's no reason to settle for less.

8. Number of Subs

While you might have planned for just one subwoofer, you can go with more than one if you can afford to. This is because your home theater system could accommodate several subwoofers without compromising on performance. As a result, if you have a large indoor space, you can go with several subs rather than just one.

Fortunately, the best-powered subwoofer for your room could involve several subs supporting your audio system for an immersive listening experience. However, if you don't need that much sound, you don't need more than one sub since it could be loud enough for you.

9. Volume and Equalization Controls

The last factor to keep in mind is whether you can adjust the various sounds the subwoofer is producing. Since subwoofers are meant to amplify sound to high levels, they could deliver an output that doesn't sound good depending on the music or movie you enjoy. That's why you should look for units with a control panel allowing you to adjust the bass and treble sound for a customized listening time.

These controls can help you manage the sound output so that you listen to your playlist or watch your movies the way you prefer to. Otherwise, you could end up listening to a subwoofer that distorts sound when you try to increase the volume.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best-powered subwoofer?

The best-powered subwoofer on our review is the Polk Audio Powered Subwoofer.

2. What is the most powerful home subwoofer?

The Sonos Sub (Gen 3) Wireless Subwoofer for Deep Bass is among the most powerful models you can buy today.

3. How many watts is a good subwoofer?

The least amount of watts in high-performing subwoofers is about 100w.

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