Best Ear Clip Headphones: Wired and Wireless Headsets

The best ear clip headphones are meant to attach themselves around your ear, which centers the speaker around your ear canal where some speakers enter the ear canal, and other speakers usually rest outside the ear. Clip-on headphones are more ideal than earbuds because they are not inserted in the ears but still produce a good depth and audio quality. They have a lightweight design that features ear hooks that fit over the ears and connect to your music device through either an audio jack or Bluetooth.

There are specialized ear headphones with various features for different users like athletes, ideal for travel, for sleeping with, and even for airplanes. The main feature of these clip-on headphones is their ability to cling to the user's ears while performing vigorous activities like jogging or exercising.

Below we have listed some of the best ear clip headphones in the market with what we like about them and what we don't. We have also included a detailed buying guide to help you navigate the buying process by knowing what to look for before purchasing the best ear clip-on headphones.

1. Levin Bluetooth 4.1 Neckband Headphones

Levin Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones Neckband Wireless Sports Headset...
  • INDUSTRY-LEADING BLUETOOTH 4.1: Advanced Bluetooth chipset provides you a faster...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND SWEATPROOF:The design eliminates troublesome wires tangling around when...
  • SUPERIOR Hi-Fi STEREO:Hi-Fi stereo quality delivers you crystal clear stereo sound. Works...
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE -The new and improved lithium polymer battery allows continuous...
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: Dylan Marathon Headphone[2nd Generation], 2 earpads, USB charging cable,...

Levin Bluetooth 4.1 Neckband Headphones are the best on the list for their twelve hours battery life without experiencing disconnections, and they are lightweight, offering maximum comfort. These phones are famous for their in-built microphone, making it easy to reject or answer your phone calls and allow easy access to music options. Because of their wireless design, there is no tangling problem when you are jogging or working out, making it the best option for gym sport earbuds.

Some of these clip-on earphones' features have included a wireless range of up to 10m (33 ft), compatibility with all phones and tablets, and a Hi-Fi stereo that produces a crystal clear sound. Additionally, it contains a lithium rechargeable battery with a quick charge of up to 2.5 hours and included a USB charging cable, user manual, and a small travel case. The earphones also have a 12-month warranty which ensures they offer you durability.


  • Packs soft-foam ear pads that are gentle on the ears.
  • The clip-on headphones skip-free calls.
  • It comes with on-board buttons that help easy answering calls.
  • Sweatproof and lightweight.
  • It comes with a small case to carry your earphones along.
  • Stable connection.
  • It comes with an extra pair of ear cushions.


  • It does not cancel noise properly and might not be the best for listening to any audio while working or working out.
  • It has an annoying beeping sound that beeps every time you change the volume.

2. Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones

Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones, Single, Standard Packaging...
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Sport clip design fits neatly around each ear, with pivoting earplates for a comfy fit
  • Titanium-coated drivers deliver accurate sound reproduction with little distortion
  • Neodymium iron boron magnets offer deep bass performance for an extended frequency...
  • Cord measures four feet long; L-shaped 3.5 mm plug

The Koss KSC75 clip-on earphones are redesigned to offer top-notch audio quality while at the same time giving you maximum comfort and durability for a great music experience. The wired clip-on headphone features powerful titanium coated 30mm device and side-firing style that helps to escalate the audio's headphone quality and upgrade the bass. The clip-on headphones also feature a frequency response of 15hz–25khz and have a cord length of four feet, giving you freedom of movement with a replaceable soft foam cushion.

The Koss mobile stereophone clip on-ear earphone offers convenience thanks to the pliable and molded rubber and voice coils made of oxygen that produce a clear and crispy sound. Koss clip-on earphones fit and latch to the user's ear perfectly and are compatible with plenty of devices, including tablets, laptops, DJ equipment, smartphones, and other devices using the 3.5mm plug. The clip-on headphone is suitable to use at work, school, home, and while traveling or on the go and packs a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The phones have high durability.
  • Clear and crispy sound thanks to the voice coils, which comprise of oxygen-free copper.
  • Deep Bass experience.
  • The clip-on design does not cut into the skin.
  • No distorted sound thanks to the titanium-coated drivers.


  • The wired connection of the headphone might break when mishandled.
  • The headphones start to cut sound after a year of use.

3. Treblab XR500 Bluetooth 5.0 Clip-On Headphones

Treblab XR700 PRO Wireless Running Earbuds - Top Sports Headphones,...
  • Custom Adjustable Fit For Any Ear Size- We've developed special ear hooks that bend and...
  • Unique-HD Sound For Increased Energy - Our new wireless Bluetooth running headphones will...
  • Perfect Run In Any Weather - Our IPX7 waterproof running noise cancelling earbuds are the...
  • Lets You Focus On Your Workout - XR700 sports earbuds provide noise isolation to seal out...
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Treblab XR500 Bluetooth 5.0 is among the best clip-on headphones for people who indulge in vigorous activities like gym, sports, or any on-the-go activities with their latest Bluetooth technology. They are among the suitable brands for sports activities because they have a high sweat and water resistance. Theses clip-on headphone is relied on for noise-canceling as it efficiently and blocks out the outside noise. The clip-on headphone produces a strong bass and a crisp treble, connects swiftly and produces excellent audio pleasing to all music lovers.

Treblab XR500 Clip-On Headphones are available in four different colors and features a built-in microphone for taking calls, talking on the phone, or using voice-activated prompts. Additionally, the clip-on headphone is waterproof, sweatproof, has a signal range of 33ft, and packs a lifetime warranty.


  • Offers maximum comfort and an anti-slip feature thanks to the XDrop ear hooks.
  • Battery life of maximum 9 hours after a 2-hour single charge.
  • The pair works for noise cancellation.
  • Fits on the ear perfectly, even with the use of glasses.
  • Sweatproof and waterproof.


  • The ear-loops are slightly oversized and don't adjust quickly to suit your activity needs.
  • They are pretty bulky for use with helmets or hats.

4. Sony MDR-Q55SL Earclip SportClip Stereo with Deep-Bass Headphones

Sony MDR-Q55SL Lightweight, Open-Air, Clip-On Earhook Earclip...
  • Open-Air, Dynamic Headphones enable you to stay aware of outside sounds; provide superb...
  • Neodymium Magnets for maximum energy and minimum size; provide increased sensitivity and...
  • Turning Adjustment feature provides easy wearing and flexibility to fit various-sized ears...
  • tangle-free cord with slider is adjustable, Large turbo duct offers deep bass sound;...
  • Snug Fit minimizes sound leakage and offers consistent audio quality.

Sony MDR-Q55SL headphones are famous for their open-air design, and the headphones are also a perfect blend of technology and trendiness with a fantastic sound of your music. The open design allows both a quality listening experience while also hearing outside sounds. The Sony headphones have Neodymium magnet drivers that offer the loudest sound from a small package and high sensitivity levels. Apart from the clip-on headphones having an ultra Hd sound, they also have a perfect fit for different people and are easy to wear.

Sony ear headphones guarantee you will get the best audio and less sound leakage because of the snug fit and also features a tangle-free cord that comes in handy. With a headband-free design, these ear headphones are suitable for sports use, and they slip into your ears without messing up your hair. The headphone also comes with handy items in the package, such as a gold-plated mini-plug, an adjustable cord, and a tangle-free cord slider.


  • Excellent bass performance.
  • Versatile and durable headphone.
  • The style and design is unique.
  • The headphone provides a snug fit and, as a result, reduces sound leakage producing exceptional sound quality.
  • The clip-on headphones have a band-free ear-clip design that offers maximum comfort.
  • The headphone's treble and midrange is very clear.
  • It features a braided cord that also packs an extension.


  • The headphone has a low sound quality compared to other products with the same price.
  • It is a fragile item.
  • The headphone does not include a travel case.

5. Audio Technica ATH-EQ300M BK

Audio Technica has been often recognized as one of the best clip-on headphones for running because of its minimal stylish design. It comes with one cord that's longer than the other to maximize functionality by a runner looping it behind their neck to get them to the other ear. The earphones also have an impeccable fit that doesn't make you uncomfortable even after hours of use with an excellent sound quality that won't hurt your ears even when used with maximum volume.

As one of the brands that produce quality audio products, Technica has been made to cater to people with puffy earbuds or standard stereo headphones. Its housing unit has been made with the thinness of 8.5mm in its sleeves except in the ear hanger part, and the earphones are a comfortable fit because of the plastic clip-on and super-type mortar. However, it would be best if you were careful when pulling out the earphones, particularly the clips, as they can quickly get damaged.


  • The price range is friendly and gives you value for the money.
  • It has a minimal and stylish design.
  • The earphones fit nicely no matter the ear size.
  • Produces excellent sound quality.
  • They are lightweight and offer maximum comfort.
  • Suitable for both vigorous activities like exercising and casual wear.


  • The build quality is not durable.
  • There might be a sound leak on some occasions.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Ear Clip Headphones

Before deciding on the best pair of ear headphones, it would be best to go through and consider the below parameters before making your final choice.

1. Cable Length

This applies to the users planning to purchase the wired headphones and not wireless headsets. The cable length is vital for a great user experience so before buying your headphones set, make sure you are keen on the cable length.

2. Ergonomics and Comfort

Different brands come in different builds and designs, so you should opt for a headphone with an ergonomic clip design and strain-free ear clips. An ergonomic earpiece design ensures you get the possible fit and the clip-on style ensures they are not intrusive, causing any ear damage.

Comfort is crucial for headphones because the ears can be pretty sensitive, especially when doing vigorous activities like working out. Clip-on headphones exert more pressure on the ears, so you ought to get a cushioned set that will give you a great listening experience.

3. Sound Quality and Durability

Sound quality is among the first things you should check before purchasing clip-on headphones for a great listening experience. For durability, try to get headphones that have been made using quality materials, meaning they will last longer, and also ones that include a warranty. On the other hand, for excellent sound quality, ensure your headphones have the right:

a). Sensitivity

The sensitivity is how loud a sound is, and it is dependent on what you need them for. The best clip-on headphones should have a sound as loud as 102dB to ensure quality performance. You might need a louder aggressive bass for running or sports, but you might need a more subtle sound for some relaxation activities like yoga.

b). Impedance

Impedance refers to the volume range you get from your headphones. The ideal headphones should have an impedance rating of 30 Ohms to deliver a wide range of volume selections, and they are built to last.

c). The Drivers Size

The sound's quality, especially the low-frequency bass range, is determined by how large the driver size is. For more vigorous activities, choose headphones with a large driver size to get a more premium bass sound but choose a small driver for relaxed and calm activities.

4. The Budget/ Cost

The best clip-on headphones should give you value for your money but, at the same time, not break your bank. They should be economical and pocket-friendly because a higher price doesn't mean value for the money and might not deliver. It would be ideal if you checked the reviews of the products before making your final purchase.

5. The Connections

The headphone connectivity is all about your personal preference because some headsets use wireless connections, and others are wired and for different reasons. Bluetooth-compatible headsets are ideal if you would like to listen to movies or music without being tethered to a cord while getting stable signal transmission and lag-free audio. However, Bluetooth headphones must be compatible with your device. Sometimes, you may need to update drivers but keep in mind that not all Bluetooth headphones are compatible with older versions of smartphones or tablets.

On the other hand, wired headphones from some brands work exceptionally well, but the wires for other ear headphones might quickly get loose and not work anymore. It is ideal to choose your preference for clip-on headphones' connections because all the clip-on earphones, no matter the connection, have their pros and cons.

6. The lifestyle of the person

The nature of your work or your lifestyle is a critical consideration in making a purchase decision for the best clip-on headphones because different lifestyles attract different needs. For example:

  • Gym lovers or sporty or action-oriented people should opt for brands that produce headphone products that are sweatproof and waterproof.
  • For runners, they should choose ear items that guarantee a wide range of fast Bluetooth connections, and also, the sports earbuds should not fall from their ears, giving you freedom of movement.
  • People who intend to use the best clip-on headphones at work should opt for active noise canceling to drown out any external sounds.
  • People whose headphones are just another accessory in their life should go for averagely priced items that don't necessarily have high-end tech specifications.

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