On-Ear Headphones Vs. Over-Ear: Which’s Better?

on ear headphones vs over ear

Most new phones come with earphones, but unfortunately, they leave a lot to be desired regarding sound quality, comfort and stability. Also, the internal speakers on the phone are incapable of producing the sound we want. Quality headphones are essential for enjoying high-quality sound everywhere you go, especially if you are an audiophile. So, between … Read more

How to Measure a Speaker Size for Replacement

how to measure a speaker size

Are you upgrading your car’s stereo system? First, it’s important to have precise information about the installed speaker size and models. If you are going to replace the existing speaker set, you will also need to have the right replacements for your car. Therefore, before doing your car speaker replacements, let’s learn how to measure … Read more

How to Clean Phone Speaker Holes (Top 3 Methods)

how to clean phone speaker

The convenience of putting your phone in your pocket comes with a trade-off of exposing its apertures to dust, debris and lint. Allowing the issue to fester will lead to distorted or faint sounds from your earpiece and bottom-firing speakers. Learn how to clean phone speaker holes from the outside without damaging your device or … Read more

Types of Headphones For Different Occasions

types of headphones

There is a lot of information on the internet about headphones. It can be very overwhelming. However, there are different criteria when it comes to selecting the types of headphones that will suit your needs. The features and construction of different headphones make a big difference in how they are used. Let’s get to it.Why … Read more

How To Connect Wireless Headphones To PS4

How To Connect Wireless Headphones To PS4

Connecting an audio device to your PS4 allows you to immerse yourself in the gaming experience fully. Gaming audio devices range from wired headphones to Bluetooth headphones and wireless headphones. However, this article is specific for anyone who wants to know how to connect wireless headphones to PS4. Wireless headphones have several advantages over their wired … Read more

How to Pair Raycon Earbuds Easily with All Your Devices

how to pair raycon earbuds

If you love scrolling through YouTube, you’ve likely come across Raycon Earbuds. So, why are they common on YouTube? Because many influencers have endorsed Raycon Earbuds thanks to their good prices and great sound. So, today we’re going to look at how to pair Raycon earbuds. Therefore, if you’ve been wondering how these wireless earbuds work … Read more

How to Check Beats Battery on iPhone: Step by Step Guide

how to check beats battery on iphone

Headphones, Bluetooth speakers, wireless earbuds and other audio devices have practically become an extension of one’s iPhone or iPad in recent years. Since these devices have their batteries, it’s crucial knowing how much juice is remaining on them. The practice enables you to prevent unpleasant circumstances such as running out of power while listening to … Read more

Guide on How to Turn Off Headphone Safety on iPhone

how to turn off headphone safety on iphone

iPhone users often encounter the Headphone Safety notification as part of their ear protection against adverse audio exposure. Primarily, such a feature is very handy in ensuring headphones serve more benefits than harm. Nonetheless, the headphone protection on iPhone can be annoying, especially when the user feels the audio is okay. In such situations, you … Read more

Tips on How to Fix Broken Plastic Headphones

how to fix broken plastic headphones

Headphones have become an integral part of our being because we bring them everywhere we go when listening to music, podcasts, or attending meetings remotely. However, you can end up with broken headphones in no time due to an accident or time taking its toll. In addition, if you exercise while listening to music, you … Read more

Dropped Airpod in Water? Here is What You Should Do

Dropped Airpod in Water

AirPods are still the best wireless earbuds available. Despite the high cost, consumers prefer to acquire these over their less expensive ones. This is because they are more long-lasting and of higher quality. But what do you need to do after you accidentally dropped Airpod in water? If you unintentionally or accidentally drop your AirPods in … Read more

The Best Wireless Cat Ear Headphones in the Market

wireless cat ear headphones

Nowadays, headphones come in a variety of designs and sizes. Some are standard headphones, but others are far more unusual, possibly with flashing LEDs and cat ears. Wireless cat ear headphones have become increasingly popular over time, and you may want one. If you tried to acquire one straight away, you might have discovered the hard … Read more

Samsung Level U Wireless Headphones In-Depth Review

Samsung Level U Wireless Headphones In-Depth Review

Samsung’s decision to include the Samsung Level U Wireless Headphones in its Level series is quite difficult to understand. However, being super affordable and with high-end audio gear, unlike other comparable devices, is why it is part of the Level series. The pricing makes it an excellent option for people looking for something simple that works … Read more

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds for Jamming in Any Weather

waterproof bluetooth earbuds

Find the best waterproof Bluetooth earbuds to accompany you on your jogs in the rain or an intensive and sweaty workout routine with our top-tier recommendations and helpful buying guide. Also, we shall delve into differentiating between waterproof and water-resistant qualities. After all, having more information can save you money and time on a product … Read more

Best Skullcandy Headphones Review

skullcandy headphones review

A quality headphone always helps reduce ambient noise allowing you to concentrate on the task, and Skullcandy is not exemptional. So if you want to listen to your favorite music with high-quality sound without distracting anyone, look for the best Skullcandy headphones. The Best Skullcandy headphones review will help you choose the right headphones depending … Read more

Best Wireless Headsets for Cellular Phones to Buy

Wireless Headsets for Cellular Phones

Traditionally, headsets were designed with cables while still aiming to provide the best audio experience. Over the years, such devices have helped improve call quality via desk phone and computer technology. However, with advancements in technology, wireless headsets for cellular phones are now available to enable more mobile communications.Which is best wireless headset for mobile? … Read more

The Best Headphones for Toddlers for Boys and Girls

Using the Best Headphones for Toddlers

Raising babies and young children nowadays means being surrounded by technology. It can be a wonderful thing. From high-tech baby monitors to instructional apps, technology has a lot of advantages. For example, headphones for toddlers are a must-have piece of technology. They’re made for little ears, both in terms of shape, weight, and size, as … Read more

Shure Wireless Earbuds For Deep Bass & Excellent Sound

shure wireless earbuds

 As the days keep moving, most pro audio companies are getting serious bout manufacturing consumer-focused products, where Shure is one of the most popular companies. Not long ago, Shure was unknown to individuals who hadn’t stepped into a music studio, but nowadays, it has gained popularity since it builds all sorts of consumer and prosumer … Read more

Best Music Production Headphones for Tracking and Mixing

best music production headphones

Sound quality is a non-negotiable for a music producer. Music production entails more than just creativity. Quality sound and a well-balanced mix will take you and your music places. To become a great producer, you require some tools to make your craft easier and spot on. One of those tools is headphones for music production, …